Welcome to YESTERDAY! (Oh, how many of us wish it really was yesterday!) The purpose of this blog is to provide extracts from my book, Yesterday : A Baby Boomer’s Rite of Passage, along with personal photos of my trip in 1969/70, and also to include recollections of members of the Chandris Lines facebook page.

I’d also like to draw your attention to a number of external links that may also interest you.

If you travelled on a Chandris ship (Australis, Ellenis, Britanis, Patris) you are very welcome to join us at the Chandris Lines facebook page, where over 3,000 happy members (passengers and crew) gather to share stories and photos of their voyage, and occasionally arrange reunions. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ssaustralisphotosnstories/

A number of members of the facebook site (including me!) have written books about their long-ago voyages. I have created a blog page listing them and invite you to click on the covers to read the first few chapters, then hurry over to Amazon to purchase those that take your fancy. If you do read and enjoy them, please take a moment to write a review on Amazon. Reviews help to sell books, and each author put a lot of time and effort into writing them. None are seeking fame and fortune, just the satisfaction of knowing someone read and enjoyed their book. https://swingingsixties.travel.blog/2019/07/02/books-by-chandris-facebook-members/

Introducing CLARK NORTON, an award winning travel writer fromthe US, specializing in baby boomer travel. Clark has written numerous books and magazine articles. Whether you’re planning another trip soon, or simply enjoy armchair travel, I highly recommend his wonderful blogsite. His articles are informative, easy to read, and often laugh-out-loud humorous. I’m also proud to say that Clark has included a 2- part blog about my book, Yesterday. https://www.clarknorton.com/

Michael Brady is passionate about re-creating some of those beautiful old long-forgotten Liners which once graced the world’s oceans and provides amazingly detailed colour profiles of them, like the one above of our beloved Australis. Whether you’re a former passenger, historian or collector, LINER DESIGNS’ prints and illustrations will bring to life a golden age of opulence in your home or office. https://www.linerdesigns.com/

Rosemary Thompson doesn’t have a link … yet … but here’s the amazing painting she did of our beloved lady. I’m sure you’ll agree that if she chooses to, Rosemary could easily make a living selling her artwork.

I’ll continue to add more interesting links as and when I find them … so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s a free preview of Yesterday A Baby Boomer’s Rite of Passage …